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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 24, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ingrezza affects you. other serious side effects include potential heart rhythm problems and abnormal movements. shift the focus more on you. ask your doctor about ingrezza. it's simple. one pill, once-daily. #1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as $0 at ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." actually it looks like this virus did come from a lab in china. nearly a year and a half into the pandemic, that is a new consensus in the american media. boy, these things go fast. excuse me, whoa, they are holdouts of course just over add to "the washington post," michael courson wrote a hilariously overrun column with this title "the right is dwelling on slanderous myths
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about the origins of covid-19." slanderous myths, qanon sleeper cells slandering the chinese government. it's pretty funny. the good news is it is on the stove are coming you lot more collums like that. the nonsense it is dying down. in other parts, the own newspaper we have learned is working on new stories about how the virus did impact escape fror a lab in wuhan. so the debate among serious people over the origins of covid appears to be pretty much winding pretty much every sane person at this point acknowledges that the government of china likely caused the single worst man-made disaster in human history. as if we need more evidence of this, over the weekendhu "the wall street journal" reported the very first peoplele infected with covid-19 were probably researchers add to the
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wuhan of virology. three of them were taken to the hospital with symptoms, and "the wall street journal" did solid reporting, but it was not entirely new. back in january of this year, the state department issued a fact sheet telling the country the entire same thing. they said the first covid patients were not in fact hungry patients at the local wet market, reckless diners who dined on pangolin and bats. they were researchers at the wuhan institute of virology. clearly they had been infected at work while working on the virus. so if you are trying to understand where covid came from and you should be if you want to prevent future pandemics. that state department memo told you a lot. and it was ignored. a few hours ago tony fauci himself, in charge of our response to covid 19 explained a "cbs news" he never heard about to the state department's findings at the wuhan lab. he had no idea. in other words, fauci's own employer released evidence that
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a.e virus he devotes his life to fighting escaped from the very biolab that tony fauci sent american tax dollars to fund. and yet he was unaware of that spread he did not know until he read "wall street journal," totally new information. can we believe him when he says that? no, of course we can't. in fact, this show has heard that on or about november 192019, right when the chinese researchers were the first covid patients on planet earth, the government of? thailand contacted the cdc and tony fauci's office to say that if intel services picked up biological anomalies where there was a leak. we can't confirm the thai government sent this message, but will we believe that they we do know that several other allied foreign governments including france and australia have gathered evidence showing the virus to escape from the chinese lab.
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yet tony fauci who runs the whole thing did not know any of this? of course he knew. known from the beginning that the virus may have come from that lab. many people have known that. but fauci lied about it for more than a year. here he is a may of 2020 and an interview with the willing dupes at "national geographic" telling you as one of the most eminent scientists there is really no chance that covid-19 was engineered by human hands. >> if you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and without there now, it is very, very strongly leaning that this could not have booted artificially delivered the way that mutations naturally evolve. a number of very qualified evolutionary biologists has said that everything about the stepwise evolution over timeia strongly indicates that evolved in nature and then jumped species.
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>> tucker: a number of very qualified evolutionary biologists, but you don't even know what that is. really a number, so where are those scientists today? is there for example a single working virologist in the world who would come on the show right now and dismiss the wuhan lab leak idea out of "ridiculous or outrageous" as francis collins who ran the nih once did. it's a total shame. s we doubt there is a single virologist who would dare to do that. but not so long ago the entire s scientific and public health establishment did that very thing. so what's changed? not a science, the science remains precisely the same. only the politics have changed. and i could see you thinking, now that we know what we now
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know about the wuhan lab and we are fully aware that of course tony fauci has known it as welld for a very long time, how could you not? it's pretty remarkable to go back and look at tony fauci's public statements about covid and the government of china,am keep in mind he knew that it was at least possible that this virus came from the wuhan lab. and yet he did this interview with our david essman from fox business january 2020, right in front of the whole thing. again as you watch it, keep in mind that tony fauci was perfectly aware that china may have created the virus and knew for a fact to that the government of china was lying covering its tracks and pushingy the world health organization to do the same thing. and the same in the planet. he knew that and said this anyway. >> china has been known to fiddle with their stats before, do you trust what they are telling us about this illness? >> from what i can see right now, they are being much, much
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more transparent. >> tucker: watch that and look over the last year in light of what we now know and you ask yourself, how does tony fauci still have a job? seriously? what kind of country gives this much power to someone who hasl proven himself to be serially dishonest and incompetent. it's scary we have allowed that. especially in public health. and meanwhile, this is the most going part. few journalists and scientists that told the truth about what happened in wuhan were punished. they were attacked by cnn and censored by facebook. they were denounced by their colleagues. they were destroyed in some cases, so where is their apology. who is paying into their reparations fund? no one is of course prayed here someone who deserves to be rehabilitated it immediately. he is stephen mozer and an expert on the chinese, you would need to be too said what he said in 20 february 2020 when he came
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on the show, that seem like something where mass lockdown was something they only did in china. but he came on the show ended the truth. >> i think it escape from the lab because we have the chinese government basically being that it did.. wuhan is and only level 4 laboratory and all of china. so that's where you would put a dangerous pathogen whether you were a genetic engineering to bt a weapon or not, that's where you will be asked we are renting on it. so it makes sense at the epicenter of the epidemic that the lab would be the source of the virus.t, >> tucker: looked back at that tape and you think, that guy was onto something pretty was smart and honest and connected the dots. for his trouble, telling the truth, he was denounced as a conspiracy nut. the liars in the china shells got richer and more powerful. and it followed china's
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instruction until the world that covid was not transmissible by air, now had the full support of the current administration. in fact the united states has rejoined the world health organization with no condition. this is despite the fact that american intelligence can prove that the world health organization lied and people died of course as a result of those lies. even now tonight the u.s. government has not launched a broad and serious investigation into where the coronavirus came from.he h if you can imagine. they have not done that. at the same time saying the 9/11 style commission every aspect of the january 6thh incident at capitol, but covid-19 who killed 3 million people, which it has. never mind, somebody else can figure it out. speaking of people who were right from the very beginning and roundly denounced, jimmy months old may be the original whistle-blower. he is not a conservative, he is a liberal, from the clinton administration and sounding the
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alarm on where the virus came from since the very beginning and who we thought it would be nice to speak to them tonight on the eve of his vindication. thank you so much for coming on. and i am embarrassed that this is the first time we have had you on the show, congratulations on being right. i know that it is cold comfort in light of everything that has happen. but you came out very early and said this seems like what happened, what kind of response did you get? >> so you are right, i am a progressive person, i am not, i was not a big supporter of president trump and i don't watch a lot of television. but i'm not even fully aligned with fox news, but early last, year when i was looking at the evidence that was being presented, i saw a couple of things as someone who understands the science, i knew that it was complete baloney to say that the pandemic started in the wuhan wet market when 40% of the earliest cases had no contact with the market. b
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and as somebody who understood china, it really raised a lot of alarm bells when china was so aggressively peddling that fake story that the pandemic started, the outbreak started in the markets. and then what really upset me was in february of last year there were a group of eminent scientists including nobelmi laureates who had a letter in the land at the scientific journal where they said that it is certain or almost certain that the pandemic has a natural origin and anybody who suggests otherwise is a "conspiracy theorists." coming from a very honest place asking that tough questions that i felt needed to be asked and i spent an entire year last year a small number of others fightingo this uphill battle, because there was a fake and forced consensus among scientific journals and mainstream media, l
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not even allowing us, not even creating the space for the essential question to be asked. and i'm glad that that is opening up, but we have a lot of work to do. >> tucker: you have to think that the response had everything to do with the country it came from. i spoke to a trustworthy national security person, not many, but spoke to one today that's at wall street and washington are desperate that china is not the enemy, because that's where the money comes from. they have gotten rich from china, i'm not a conspiracy nut, but i have to think that it fit had been russia or malawi or belgium, anyplace but china we will be looking closely into the origins. >> that is partly true, another way of saying it is let's have the same effect pattern, but it had been chad or congo or some place that did not have the political clout we would be going in on day 1 and china has
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a lot of influence. it is influenced economically, politically, and that's why there was a lot of fear and a lot of caution, australian prime minister scott morrison is another hero of the story because early last year he was asking really tough questions, what happen, china slapped sanctions on australia copper, beef, wine exports to china. and then at the world health assembly calling for a tough investigation got so watered down at china that had vehemently opposed that resolution actually supported this watered-down resolution which passed and that laid a foundation for a deeply compromised process that was not even an investigation. you mention, tucker there is no u.s. investigation into the origins of covid, it will shock your viewers to know that there is no international investigation into the origins of covid right now.ig that's why the government representatives meeting now at the world health assembly, they
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must authorize a full and unrestricted investigation into the origins of the pandemic with full access to the personnel in china and beyond. >> tucker: that is for sure.wifu that is shocking that there is any topic on which we needed a 9/11 style investigation i would think itga would be this one. a brave man and punished for it. we appreciate you coming on today. thank you. so in the state of georgia if you get vaccinated, you more than just take your mask off, vaccinated people in georgia could get a reduced sentence inn court. trace gallagher joins us with more on the story. >> for now this only involves two counties in georgia, hall and dawson which have very low vaccination rates, 29% of residences have gotten one shot, only 25 percent in dawson county, the georgia state average is 37%, the national average 47%. so to bump up the east county's vaccination rates, anyone who
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has been convicted of a crime and has to perform community service as part of their sentence could have their service hours cut in half meaning if their sentence takes 80 hours, you get the shot and do only 40 hours, the court says there is no pressure to comply no consequences if you don't comply except for that little parts where then he would have to do all of your community service hours, court officials say that they don't track how many offenders have been offered the deal, but one public defender says it is "pretty much every plea." in massachusetts a few months back, planning to cut jail sentences for those in made to i get the vaccine, then there was pushed back and rescinded the plan. right now all georgia counties are watching this program very closely to see if it helps raise vaccination rates before they a also decide to compel or ratherv offer the deal to their own offenders, tucker. >> tucker: let me see.
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trace gallagher, thanks as always. so there is a new bill in congress that is supposed to help the united states compete with china. no one is against that, just like no one is against infrastructure, but one senator says it's not what it looks like at all. he joins us next. to tell us what is in it. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to tucker carlson today, newsmakers and topics we don't have time to cover on the nighttime show. >> it is a blackballing situation. >> clearly the scuffling that the government did not do something far earlier. >> announcer: the most important conversations are happening in one place. >> tucker: now you don't have to wait for tonight, watch "tucker carlson today" exclusively on fox nation. >> subscribe now at ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: there is a new bill in the congress called the endless frontier act. and the idea behind it is really hard to criticize. don't imagine anyone could be against a piece of legislation that helps the united states beat china in manufacturing and technology.
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but we thought it would be interesting to hear from one of its critics what's in it exactly? senator john kennedy serves the state of louisiana, the united states senate, joins us now to explain his view of this bill. thank so much for coming on. i know that you agree that the idea behind the bill sounds great, you're saying that to their reality of the bill falls far short, tell us how. >> let me apologize in advance for any mean, ugly, accurate things i am about to say. senator schumer has a bill as you say, the frontiers act, it is right now before the senate it is an orgy of spending and very little money goes to the military. here is a copy of the bill. it started out at $40 billion, the budget office tells me it is up to 200 billion and growing
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like hud sue and it's probably going to pass because i say this gently, but some of my republican colleagues have swapped brains with the democrats and are going to vote for it. senator schumer is ecstatic and running around like a 5-year-old in a batman costume. here is what the bill will deal, $120 billion in foreign aid. i don't know why we can't use that money for infrastructure i don't know why we have to give money to countries that hate us, they should be able to hate us for free. $50 billion to the big tech semiconductor companies. we all know how broke big tech is, i guess they can use the money to develop a more efficient algorithms to censor $80 billion to the infamous national science foundation, this is the same national science foundation that has spent $500,000 in taxpayer money studying how long it takes pandas to poop.
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the answer is 12 minutes, by the way, they need more fiber. and spending money to see if it students can tell the difference between port water and bottled water. another $500,000 to study where the shrimp can run on treadmills underwater, and i could keep going for an hour. here is my point and this is my opinion, others disagree with me, my mother did not raise a fluke.ho and if she did, it was one of my brothers. this is not a fight communism bill. if you look at this bill and study it, you will see that thic is a all 4 feet and the snout spending bill with virtually no money going for military
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>> tucker: can i ask a stupid question, and i'm sorry about your brothers, by the way. why would a bill designed to help american manufacturing contain foreign aid? >> i have no idea.tu well, yes, i do, tucker. here's what happened, the started out as a fairly small bill if you can call $40 billion small and then everybody piled on. and senator schumer desperately wants to pass the bill, so he cut everybody in on the spending. and that's why i say it is a orgy of spending. i'm not saying every penny is wasteful, i'm saying an enormous amount is wasteful and here we are talking about president biden is talking about raising taxes for infrastructure, why can't we use some of this money to pay for infrastructure? that's all i'm saying. everybody and washington is for fiscal responsibility.
10:26 pm
they want to cut spending, but everybody in washington, is not going to heaven, they want to go to heaven but they don't want to take the trip. >> tucker: [laughs] this is amazing. senator, thanks so much for joining us tonight and giving us a window into how things actually work. appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: you know the border is completely out of control, because you are not hearing anything about it from the media or from the white house, that confirms that there is in fact a crisis underway. tonight we have new video that proves that. we will show it to you after the break. ♪ ♪t
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: you're not hearing anything about it, most of the time. but the border is still completely out of control. thousands of migrants coming over unimpeded. fox news has been covering the gun and covered story. bill.
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>> hey, tucker, good evening with you. we are here in rio grande valley, the busiest actor on thn u.s./mexico border. the border agents down here will talk to themselves and tell you that they are frustrated and overwhelmed and stretched thin. they need a lot of help and we have some brand-new video to show you. it's pretty remarkable and highlights what they have to deal with day in and day out down here. take a look at the drone video. the fox drone team shot in la jolla, showing dozens of migrants making an open run on the u.s. border crossing and illegally in trying to get away from border patrol. these are not people turning themselves in like we have seen often. these are people trying to get away. mostly adults, mostly men. you see that two are already handcuffed together suggesting they had already been in border patrol custody and got away. we'll see one loan order agent in a pickup truck desperately trying to chase the crowd down, but they are running through open fields in all different
10:33 pm
he has badly outnumbered. that crowd continues running away in some run through what appears to be a stream or a covert, one border agent is continuing trying to chase after them and one migrants get stuck in the water or loses his shoe, the main group keeps running ing the border patrol goes after them. you see some of them end up trying to scale a fence or a wall to get away. ultimately we did see border patrol catch up with about 15 of that group. from what we saw it appeared at least half of that group did end up getting away and was able to escape in the rush. we mention that this happened like clockwork every day, every morning down here.upha and we shot this video this morning also in la jolla, visibly another group of migrants running away from border patrol escaping into the brush where they disappear. at this time they were spotted more quickly by border patrol and able to get a helicopter over the area pretty able to pin some of the migrants down and able to arrest two of the migrants brought them up to the truck and took them away. the ongoing security concerns, tucker, right here last week.s
10:34 pm
they arrested in ms-13 gang member who had a warrant for his arrest in houston for sexual assault of a child. back to you. >> tucker: thank you for that report. i appreciate it. so if you are a middle-aged. american, you can sincerely say that the country of your birth has never been more volatile than it is now. it has never been more on the edge. and what the country needs more than anything is what the new president promised to give the country on the day he was inaugurated in january. respite, calm. let's rediscover what we have in common it makes us all americans and bridge the gap. you don't want to live in a divided country where peopleve have nothing in common and hate each other.d and if you really wanted to do that, the first thing that he would do is pause immigration. it has upsides for sure, but also downsides. and the main downside of
10:35 pm
unrestrained immigration or any immigration is that it makes the country more volatile. and if the administration's camping up the in migration of foreign nationals into the united states.un the latest, the biden administration announced that over 100,000 haitians for reasons that are not clear to anyone will get amnesty under a program called temporary protective if you are here illegally from haiti, you can get a social security number and work and can't be deported. what's the purpose of this? that's worth asking. mark krikorian is the executive director for the center of --al the center for immigration studies and joins us now. mark, thank you so much for coming on. let's just begin at the literal level, what is the justification for doing this now? >> temporary protective status is something that is in the law but is supposed to be to allow people, illegal immigrants werew may be visitors, but most of them are illegal who are here when some unique exceptional tragic thing happens in their
10:36 pm
homeland that is temporary and ties them over until they can go back. like an earthquake, hurricane, civil war. haiti in 2010 had a very devastating earthquake and we granted temporary protective status, which like you said mainly means work permits andnd social security numbers to the illegal immigrants who were here then about 50,000 people would end up being. what president biden did over the weekend is give all of the haitian illegal immigrants who came since the earthquake 1011 years ago work permits, this amnesty light if you will. and the justification has no relation to the law, they say it is economic problems in the political instability, and the use of -- that describes half the world, quite frankly, there is no rationale for this, there is no legal basis for it, and yet to
10:37 pm
come and you know, they are going to get away with it, because there is nobody with any standing to bring a lawsuit to stop it. >> tucker: haiti, whatever merits, poor and volatile for 200 years, it's not a new development. that's insane. they are trying to change the population in the united states and they hate it when you say it, because it is true, but that's exactly what they are doing. is anyone pushing back at all cost market at any level? >> well, not really, at some of the state level, the texas state attorney general, arizona attorney general are filing lawsuits. there is a limit to what republicans in congress can do because they are in the minority in both houses. if the filibuster is still in place, they can at least try to stop some bad things, but there is a limit to what can be done until there is another election assuming people are in fact dissatisfied with this, and the public opinion polling does suggest that while most votersil are basically okay with president biden, he has theed st
10:38 pm
of affable grandfatherly image, the one place where he is underwater and public opinion is big vulnerability is immigration, and i'm not sure he has the flexibility to do something about it and respond to that. >> tucker: i don't think they care coming you change the population in the country and you make your party stronger and turn it into a one-party state at that point it does not matter what people think and that is of course exactly what they areton trying to do, i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: a new memo out of the state department has been a week and shows how american embassies around the world are being told to support black lives this is real. we will tell you what is in the memo next. ♪ ♪ memo next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: publication events reported today on a new
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state department memo that was issued to all embassies around the world that encourages american "diplomatic and consular posts" to display shows of support for black lives matter tomorrow. that would be the one-year anniversary of the death of george floyd. the memo says that the u.s. embassy can fly a blm flag and l should reference black lives matter in their speeches.. t or should american ambassadors come out as the nuclear family as blm has, for race hatred as blm does every day? what the state department does not appear to understand or maybe this is the whole point that the existence of that blm is a national humiliation to the united states. the rest of the world is watching, they pay close attention to what we do. listen to the chinese officials from recently explaining that blm is a sign that the united states is a terrible place. >> there are many problems within the united states regarding human rights and the challenges facing the united states in human rights are deep-seated. they did not just emerge over
10:45 pm
the past four years such as black lives matter, it did not come up only recently. >> tucker: right, so if we ever have a state departmenty. whose message to the world is yes, the united states is terrible, that's exactly the message that they are sending. that's what they believe, should they be representing us to the world? should people who don't like the country be running the country? they are. the state department did not respond to our request today for clarification, they did nothe comment at all. so they called roy murdoch, the national contributor, we are happy to have him with us. thanks a lot for joining us. what do you think this message is exactly? >> i'll tell you what the message is not. it is not arizona state department should be focused right now, in the last few weeks we have seen about a huge increase of 944% month on month
10:46 pm
in april of illegal alien encounters on the southernrn border. we have seen rockets fired from irani in rockets in bloated allies in israel and the colonial pipeline shut down by hackers who are alive and well and on the run in russia. and at the top of the hour, how the virus got out of wuhan, china, and killed almost 600,000 of us.nick if they spent any time on any one of those rather than spending time with black lives matter. >> tucker: blm is a political organization among other things, but a political party, shouldn't the state department be promoting a political party at u.s. embassies in foreign countries? i can't think of a precedent for that? >> i don't think that they should, and imagine if 2025, donald j. trump is reelected president on president ron desantis, u.s. embassies overseas flying flags of the national rifle association or right to life committee, i don't acquaint theu
10:47 pm
with black lives matter that has an incredible recent violent history, but imagine how people on the left would respond if you had nra flying over the u.s. embassy paris, u.s. embassy in london. i don't think they would be happy and to have that political organization represented the diplomats that are supposed to h be neutral protecting the natural diplomacy, they seem completely out of place and totally inappropriate. >> tucker: yeah, how about the flag of the qanon army. which apply that flag whatever it is. >> over the embassy in moscow. such a thing. >> tucker: that tells you ah lot. great to see you, thank you. ♪ ♪ so a lot of people in the past 18 months have re-assessed as american society has gone through all of these convulsions, reassessed what they believe, and have sought
10:48 pm
answers from traditional forms of society. so over mari is leading the way on this question, author and editor at "the new york post" in the op-ed page. he spent the last year thinking about why traditional societies, atraditional belief systems actually give us comfort and stability and wisdom. an immigrant from iran, grew up a muslim, now a conservative catholic convert. and has a brand-new book about the solis that traditional society offers to the individual. he spoke to us for about an hour, the episode of "tucker carlson today" just out. here's part of it. >> we are living in an age that makes it very difficult for people like me, you have the father and a man of faith, and my children to be formed to live ordinary, decent, virtuous lives.
10:49 pm
we are actually severely disciplined in other ways like the covid regime or on questions of sex and gender what we're allowed to say. it's not that we are not disciplined, but the discipline order is a disorder, so it is very perverse. so we -- >> tucker: q replace one discipline with another? >> in many ways that the argument of the book that there is no neutrality of society it has to stand for something. at some god, some authority will always be enshrined in the public square. the only question is which, soe you can't have a society in which you say, well, i believe i that they are two sexes, which is what genesis and genetic tells us. but some might say there is 125 genders. one of the two will predominate. and what we are seeing now is a lot of the movement that you and i share the conservative
10:50 pm
movement relinquished being able to not only say what orthodox is, but also enforcing it in the public square, and now a different orthodoxy is being -- >> tucker: you are saying that the libertarian ideal is not workable, it's a lie. you can actually -- you are getting unorthodoxy, whether you like it or not, it's not enough to say you believe what you believe, i believe what i believe, one of our beliefs will be forced on the other guy. >> the past two years have demolished the idea of a neutral public square. there is no way. look at -- the past few decades really, but especially the past few years that it is so stark that one orthodoxy is lording over the rest of us with a very distorted and apology and an account of who human beings are and what makes them happy. the difference between men and all these areas is extremely perverse, but it is winning.
10:51 pm
and in some cases, we see how the loss of barriers against individual autonomy actually makes us less free. so an obvious example is the gender stuff. the idea that society regulated the difference between the sexes and told people what theff difference between men and women were, they were complementary, equal in dignity, but et cetera, et cetera has been lost. we lost it in the name of liberation. now we get to define who we are even if my body disagrees with me, i can will myself into defining my own gender. e in practice that requires you to enforce -- me to enforce on you coming after recognize me asas something that you know is not true. so we have these pronoun dictatorship and so on and so forth, so what would look like a
10:52 pm
promise of liberation, define yourself actually in practicee works out as a kind of oppression. >> tucker: you can support the revolution, but instantly come to regret it. >> when it's gone. the thing that you talk about a lot on your shows, over corporate powers sold as market liberty, market individualism and practice ends up squeezing out other things. >> tucker: when you grow up in iran and you see the liberation become what it so often is, bondage, it puts a very different perspective. that conversation went on for quite some time, and the whole thing is edifying and interesting and well worth watching. you can watch the newest episode of "tucker carlson today" any time on so on friday, we met someone who called herself a chicken enthusiast.
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lets us get back to spreading the word visit towithout spreading before we can safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines. visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you.
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>> tucker: last week the cdc's instructions that we follow to the letter on all things, said that covid could get chickens. and they were an american stop chicken touching. we never heard of chicken touching, so this being a news program we sought a chicken enthusiast to explain. and we found her. she came on friday night. here is a part of the interview. are these house birds? i'm not trying to ask if they sleep on the bed, but i will ask, do they sleep on the bed? >> when i hatch chicks, have been known to bring them inside. i will roll them up in a towel and they will sleep next to me. and it will be like a chickenny
10:59 pm
sometimes i come inside if i need to give them a bath or clean them and stuff. they are pretty comfortable inside. >> tucker: so we will be honest, we went into this interview with low expectations, you interview a lot of people on the show like this and a chicken enthusiast, probably kindab of a freaky person, right? she sleeps with her chicken? at the end of the interview we were 100% on her side in the side of any chicken enthusiast who loves her chickens. and we heard from a lot of themd including the lady who paints her chickens nails. i think we have video we can put on the screen. we are not putting this on tv to mock. that may have been the intention friday, but no longer in a time of sadness and alienation, animals are a blessing from god. they give us comfort and joy. being with them, even if they are chickens is worthwhile. maybe not as great as a spaniel, but still. we are totally in favor, so thank you, chicken lady foror changing her mind completely. that is it for us tonight. don't forget our new episode of "tucker carlson today" is on fox nation.
11:00 pm
we hope you like it. we will be back tomorrow night and every weeknight. the show is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. documentaries tucker carlson originals also on fox nation could have a great evening. sean hannity right now. >> sean: i know what i'm going to get for christmas, a chicken you can touch and kiss and do whatever you need, tucker. >> tucker: thank you, sean. >> sean: i will buy you a pet chicken. anyway, welcome to sp 25. busy night tonight, ron desantis is here. texas senator ted cruz will join us, rick santorum with his very first interview since getting canned by fake move cnn. and later we bring you a bombshell investigation exclusively from james o'keefe. he will release it tonight from project veritas that involves facebook's ramp at political bias and facebook is responding to o'keefe, we will get to all of this, but first we turn once again to the ever weak, frail